“Sincerely, was a long time ago that I had seen, a work so delicate and so original at once !!!!! I am delighted by your creations, I believe I will not delay, to wear one of your creations. I am in love with this lightness.”

Karine Gillot



“I am so, so happy with the piece of jewellery I had made for me by Sam! I had a very specific idea for the shape of the shawl fastening I wanted but only a vague idea of how it could be embellished. I was inspired by the mistletoe earrings I already had from The Alchemists Forge and Sam suggested the addition of a gemstone. I knew that however it turned out it would be beautiful but opzione binaria really didn’t know what to expect. The piece I received is so beautiful! Not only is it perfectly functional as a shawl fastening but it really complements the shawls I make and is a truly unique piece that I will always treasure. I would really recommend The Alchemists Forge for anyone seeking beautifully crafted and unique jewellery with original design. Thanks again Sam x x”

Emma Tyrell


“The quality of work has to be seen to be believed, superb quality pieced”

Brian Dalgleish


“After searching for a few years for the perfect ring to no avail, 10 minutes describing my desired piece to Sam and I now have the ring I had been after. To say I am delighted is a massive understatement!”

Amanda Dolan